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Credit Courses


Scheduled Classes are not available at this time.


7th - 12th

a. Summer Credit Courses
Best Academy is an accredited education center which awards official school credit to students who study 144 hours in a given subject. Students may sign up for the following

i. Honors Geometry
ii. Algebra II
iii. English 10
iv. World History
v. U.S. History
vi. U.S Government

Students must have school's approval of our curriculum before course registration. 
Students who take advantage of Best Academy's Summer Credit Courses position themselves to take advanced leveled courses when the new academic year begins in September.

b. Credit Transfers
Students facing shortage of credits towards graduation may sign up and attend Best Academy's classes. Before signing up, students must receive a written approval from their school counselors allowing Best Academy to transfer earn credits to the students' respective schools. Credit Transfer Courses are especially helpful for students who thrive in a face-to- face environment rather than taking classes online. Please contact Best Academy for more information and procedures on earning and transferring high school credits